A loan with instant confirmation and immediate payment is available on the Internet or in a branch bank. Before deciding on a loan, it is very important to compare multiple offers to get an overview and to find a loan that best suits your needs.

Credit conditions

Credit conditions

If the conditions are met, a loan decision can be taken very quickly. If the lender is a German-based bank, savings bank or Volksbank, the requirement of providing private credit information is compulsory for all credit customers. Foreign banks, private credit intermediaries and private lenders, however, refrain from obtaining a private credit information.

A good income that should come from an employee or civil service job if possible is an important requirement for any loan. The income should also be so high that it is above the legal attachment exemption limit. This is particularly important because otherwise the bank would have no way to seize part of the income on arrears. The higher the income, the higher the loan amount that can be paid out on a loan approval.

If necessary, additional collateral can be requested from the bank. This may be a second applicant, a guarantor or other security. This is especially true if the credit rating is otherwise insufficient.

Credit with instant confirmation and immediate payment – credit comparison and loan conditions

Credit with instant confirmation and immediate payment - credit comparison and loan conditions

A credit comparison should always be at the beginning of all considerations about borrowing. It would be particularly important to pay attention to the interest, the maturities, the possible loan amounts and any additional costs for a loan with instant promise and immediate payment. Although the interest rates are determined by the individual lenders, they are also dependent on the general market interest rate. The higher the risk of lending, the higher the interest rates will be. This is especially true in the case where a loan is issued without private credit, or that the income of the borrower is relatively low or not regularly paid, as is the case, for example, with freelancers or the self-employed.

The interest on a loan with instant confirmation and immediate payment can either be credit-related or credit-independent. A credit-based loan sets an interest margin within which loan rates may vary for each client. The specific interest rate depends primarily on your personal credit rating. The better it is, the lower the interest rates can be. By contrast, interest rates do not play a role in a credit-independent loan. It only matters if the credit requirements are met or not. If they are given, the same interest rate applies to all customers.

Immediate and immediate payment loan – application, disbursement and repayment

A loan application can be made on the internet or in a bank branch. A personal loan or a loan from a private intermediary has separate rules. 
After the loan application has been received by the lender, it will be thoroughly examined. If the credit conditions are present, a loan with immediate promise and immediate payment can be granted. 

The payment of the entire loan amount is made to the current account of the customer. In a few cases, a cash payment, a bank transfer or a transfer by courier is possible.

Repayment must be made in monthly installments. This installment covers the entire term. The amount of installments is determined by various factors. One of these factors is the loan amount and another factor is the term and the interest rate level.